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Honoring Prosecutor Robert Stott

SALT LAKE CITY — The Utah Attorney General’s Office is honoring longtime prosecutor Robert Stott, who passed away March 12, 2022.  Working for the Salt Lake County District Attorney’s office, he prosecuted some of the most notorious criminals in Utah history, including Ted Bundy, Arthur Gary Bishop, Ronnie Lee Gardner, Mark Hoffman, Mark Hacking, and many others.  Below is a tribute from Craig Barlow, Scott’s colleague and Director of the Attorney General’s Justice Division.

“Many in the prosecutor community were saddened to learn of the passing of Bob Stott, a legendary prosecutor, and an all-around great guy.  After a brief spell as a defense attorney in Nevada, Bob joined the Salt Lake County Attorney’s Office in the mid-70s and worked there for 40+ years.  Bob handled and tried dozens of murder cases – a number of them as capital cases.  He accomplished this serious and important work with little fanfare and even less drama.   He was a careful, skilled practitioner who never put himself before the case.  He was always more concerned about the victims of these violent crimes.  He was a mentor to many prosecutors and was well respected by judges and defense attorneys.  Bob had a bone-dry sense of humor and never took himself too seriously.  Stott-ski, as he was known to his friends left too soon.  He set the standard for a professional prosecutor:  fair, smart, ethical, self-effacing, and meticulous.  We were lucky to have Bob as a friend and colleague.”

– Craig Barlow