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After 39 Years, Disability Services Assistant Attorney General Steve Mikita Retires

Steve Mikita, who has worked for 39 years as Assistant Attorney General for Disability, has announced he is retiring on August 3, 2021. 

Mikita’s unique service to the state and the disability community is unmatched in Utah history.  Born with Spinal Muscular Atrophy, he has no movement from the neck down and was not expected to live past the age of 2.  His unique and challenging life experience has allowed him to work his entire career as an advocate for the community. 

“We’re going to miss Steve, more than I can express,” said Utah Attorney General Sean D. Reyes.  “He’s been a great leader and tremendous colleagues in our office. His work in the Disability Community and expertise in related legal issues have been unmatched in both significance and longevity.  His life experience has allowed him to serve the State of Utah with incredible insight and he shares that knowledge in ways that have made a real difference in people’s lives. We wish him well in his retirement.”

Mikita handled complex and difficult matters involving the ADA and has a vast array of knowledge regarding disability law.  He frequently shares his knowledge when other divisions of the AG’s office encounter disability law questions.  He is part of the AG’s Office, State Agency Counsel Division, Department of Human Services Section, assigned to represent DSPD, the USDC, and DAAS.   He is also proud of his work as a Participant Representative on the National Institute of Health “All of Us” steering committee. (The study focuses on helping others by collecting health data from more than 1 million Americans).

Mikita did his undergraduate studies at Duke University, where he was the first freshman in a wheelchair to be admitted.  He is a published author, having written the book I Sit All Amazed, The Extraordinary Power of a Mother’s Love.