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Young Utahns Learn About Civil Liberties From Constitution Reading

Yesterday, children of all ages attended a Read the Constitution! patriotic event at the Utah State Capitol, which included a reading of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. There, they learned more about our country’s beginnings and founding principles.

At the end of the event, Attorney General Sean D. Reyes shared some inspiring insights with everyone present about why our country is great and the ideals it was built upon.

Recently, AG Reyes spoke at Constitution Day before the American Preparatory Academy (APA) students. From the event and taken directly from APA’s blog, they shared the following message about the Attorney General’s sentiments:

His words resonated with profound wisdom, emphasizing the imperative of understanding our constitutional ideals and the power they bestow upon us. Attorney General Reyes recounted an inspiring story of combating human trafficking in Haiti, underscoring the importance of action guided by constitutional principles.

He extolled that the American spirit that invokes change through collective dedication is regarded as a standard of excellence worldwide. He reminded us to be inspired by the ideals within our founding document and by the American spirit of those willing to support it with action.