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AG Reyes and AGO Restore Trust: Win Five Best of State Community Development Awards

Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes and His Team Restore Trust: Win 2015 Best of State in Four Categories and Overall Winner of Community Development BOSS Award

SALT LAKE CITY (May 11, 2015) –The Utah Attorney General’s Office won as a government agency an unprecedented four Best of State medals and the prestigious category-wide BOSS Award at the annual Utah Best of State Award Ceremony. Considering the same office was suffering from deep criticism and allegations just over a year ago, the multiple awards are indications that public trust is returning to the office. On May 9, the Utah Attorney General’s Office and Attorney General Sean D. Reyes received 2015 Best of State Awards for Public Safety, State Agency/Office, Web-based Community Resource and Elected Official. Best of State offers multiple awards in 10 categories and then chooses the most outstanding in each category. Attorney General Reyes was appreciative when his name was called as one of the overall winners.

“I dedicate these awards along with others we have received to each of the dedicated professionals in our office. The Utah Attorney General’s Office has continually employed award-worthy attorneys, paralegals, investigators, staff and program managers,” said AG Reyes. “With renewed focus and leadership over the past 16 months, the nearly 250 attorneys, over 200 staff members, and large investigative division are excelling to an even greater degree than ever because they now are getting the resources they need to win and win the right way. I am proud of their work and the many leaders that have joined me from both the private sector and from within the office to serve and ensure that the citizens throughout our great state know that they can depend on our efforts. These awards are a tremendous expression by the public of our progress. We appreciate the organizers of Best of State for the honor.”

The Best of the Best

Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes was awarded the BOSS (Best of State Statue)® for the Community Development category. One of only 10 awarded, this 20-pound, solid bronze, 24-karat gold-plated, sculpture is given to the most outstanding medal winner in each division.

Community Development – Public Sector – State Agency/Office

The Utah Attorney General’s Office (AGO), under Attorney General Sean D. Reyes, employs a total of 461 people (244 attorneys) in offices throughout Utah. The AGO is made up of five departments (17 divisions): Civil, Criminal, Appellate, Executive, and Communications/Community.  Prior to Attorney General Reyes’s appointment in December, 2013, the office was mired in allegations of wrongdoing and extreme internal and external challenges. The positive changes and momentum AG Reyes brought to the office is unprecedented. Under his leadership and armed with a top-flight executive team that he largely recruited from the private sector, the Utah Attorney General’s Office has regained trust and confidence from leaders in law, education, business, politics and, most importantly, from Utah citizens.

Community Development – Public Sector – Elected Official

Sean Reyes is the 21st Attorney General for the State of Utah. In what has been coined a landslide victory, Attorney General Reyes received over 60 percent of the vote in the 2014 general election. On January 5, 2015, at age 43, Reyes took the oath of office once again as he sworn-in by Utah Supreme Court Associate Chief Justice Thomas R. Lee. During his culturally diverse inauguration ceremony and speech, Reyes reaffirmed the Utah AGO’s focus on returning to being a law office and not a political one; and on legal excellence, professionalism, and the AGO’s priority to defend the citizens, businesses and laws of Utah.

Community Development – Public Sector – Public Safety

The Utah Attorney General’s Investigation Division won the Best of State Medal for the Public Sector: Public Safety. The division is situated in the AG Criminal Department under Chief Criminal Deputy Spencer Austin and is led by Chief Investigator Leo Lucey. Chief Lucey oversees 80 post certified peace officers and support staff, made up of 40 full time agents and 40 officers from Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) Task Force affiliates. The AG Investigations Division works around the clock to fight a wide variety of criminal activities in Utah, including terrorism, human trafficking, identity theft, child crimes, public corruption, and is recognized locally, nationally and even internationally for their professionalism and tactical success.

Community Development – Public Sector – Best Web-Based Community Resource

The Utah Attorney General’s ID Theft Central is the most innovative community-based online resource in the country for assisting citizens of all ages to report, repair, and protect against identity theft. ID Theft Central is specifically designed for Utah citizens; however, people from across the country are benefiting from the helpful information available at the website. At ID Theft Central, Utah consumers can conveniently report identity theft online as well as enroll their children in a free Child Identity Protection program. They can also learn methods to protect themselves against identity theft, find out about Utah identity theft laws, become informed about the latest scams, and locate on a map where identity theft happens in Utah. ID Theft Central is Utah’s identity theft solution.

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